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ODLC 2014

Oregon Drive Less Challenge

The Oregon Drive Less Challenge is around the corner!  The Challenge runs October 6 – October 19. The Challenge encourages and rewards people who explore their transportation options, like walking, biking, taking transit, carpooling and skateboarding. This year the Challenge is giving away some amazing prizes , including a custom made folding Bicycle from Bike …

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Drive Less Challenge: $10k in prizes

Oregon is preparing to celebrate its first statewide Drive Less Challenge, a 12-day event encouraging and rewarding alternatives to driving alone. The Challenge runs October 21 – November 1. Wells Fargo and Bike Friday have both sponsored the event, providing a great array of prizes, including folding bicycles, Oregon mini-vacations, $500 Apple gift cards, Kindle …

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Bike Commute Challenge starts September 1st

Every year, Oregon celebrates the Bike Commute Challenge during the month of September. It’s a friendly statewide competition to see which team’s members can log the most bike commutes to work during the month. Every year, there are more teams in Southern Oregon. If there’s not one at your worksite, you can create one with …

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Have phone, will travel

The journal Accident Analysis & Prevention published a study called “Pedestrian injuries due to mobile phone use in public places” in the August edition, and the national media didn’t overlook it. The New York Times highlighted the dramatic increase–approaching threefold–in injuries during the 2004 – 2010 study period. The Atlantic pointed out that talking was …

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